Deploying Voici#

GitHub Pages#

You can easily deploy Voici to GitHub Pages using the voici-demo template repository.

The template repository contains a GitHub Action that builds the Voici application and deploys it to GitHub Pages. It also contains an environment.yml file where you can specify the packages you need. You can also add Notebooks to the content folder.


You can also deploy Voici as a standalone application so it can be hosted anywhere using a simple HTTP server.


First install Voici by following the installation instructions.


Let’s assume you have a folder named notebooks with some notebooks in it. To build your Voici application, run the following command:

voici build --contents notebooks

By default this will create a _output folder with the content of your Voici application.

You can then serve the content of this folder with a static file server, for example:

python -m http.server 8000 --directory _output

Open the URL http://localhost:8000 in your browser to access your Voici application.


For further configuration options, see the configuration documentation.