Configuring Voici#


You can use different templates for your Voici application.

Templates can modify the layout and the appearance of your Voici application. Here are a few template examples:

These templates were originally developed for Voilà, but they can also be used with Voici.

To install a template, you can use the pip command:

pip install voila-material

You can also add the template to your dependencies in the environment.yml file:

  - voila-material

Once the template is installed, you can use it by specifying the --template option when building your Voici application:

voici build --template voila-material

Here is what a Voici dashboard looks like with the Material template:

a screenshot showing a Voici dashboard with the Material template


You can also use different themes for your Voici application.

To use the Dark theme, you can use the --theme option when building your Voici application:

voici build --theme dark

You can also the ?theme query parameter to choose the theme while accessing the dashboard. For example:

Additional Configuration#

Voici supports additional configuration provided by JupyterLite, such as using custom extensions and settings.

You can refer to the JupyterLite documentation for more information.


Some configuration options might not supported yet. Please don’t hesitate to open an issue on the Voici repository if you would like to use an option not supported by Voici yet.